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Meet Kendall
She’s 24 years old and a huge beauty fan.
Kendall is not paid to post, she gets paid commissions when she sells products that she loves within her community through her own shop.

Ignite Social Sales

We’ve eliminated the friction in eCommerce so anyone can organically sell your brand.
Drive Deeper Engagement.
Empower shoppers to become brand advocates, fostering loyalty, and authentic connnections - it only takes one minute for a shopper to turn on their own shop.
Curated Shops -without the lift.
Capture link-in-bio real estate from powerful creator, influencers, and individuals with curated VideoShops Storefronts.
Same Day Pay - our exclusive tracking method means cash in hand for both the merchant and the seller on the same day an order is placed.
You Own TheCustomer.
Retain valuable data and re-marketing rights, just as if orders took place on your own site.

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VideoShops is a 100% Performance-Based Platform.

You only pay when sales happen.
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